Image quality describes how well a digital camera system performs when reproducing a captured scene. Factors such as camera resolution, texture loss, distortion, flare and noise (among many others) all play a vital role in determining the overall quality of an image. These factors must frequently be tested to ensure continuous high image quality.

Founded in 1995, Image Engineering is the world’s leading manufacturer for image quality test equipment. Our test charts, analysis software, measurement and illumination devices provide companies with the means to more accurately test and evaluate the image quality of their cameras.

Over the years, we have expanded into numerous industries including photography, mobile phone, automotive and ADAS systems, security, broadcast, machine vision, medical/endoscopy, and scanner and archiving. Almost any company that relies on high-quality imaging can use and benefit from our wide range of solutions.

Image Engineering is also home to one of the largest independent test labs in the world. Recently redesigned at our new business location in Kerpen, our test lab adheres to (when possible) ISO and other international standards to objectively test and evaluate cameras from any industry.

By offering the complete system from initial consultation and design to implementation and maintenance support, we aim to give our customers the groundwork to create images that change the world.

As of June 2021, we have officially become a part of the Nynomic group. With Nynomic as a strategic investor, we now have a partner on our side from a similar background who can provide us with the resources to achieve our goals much faster and at the highest possible level.

Image Engineering


2021 Offically became a member of the Nynomic Group. Introduction of the iQ-Analyzer-X, the next generation of image quality testing.
2020 Celebrating 25 years of camera testing.
2019 Opening subsidiary offices in both China and the USA. Shenzhen Image Engineering Optoelectronic Equipment Co., Ltd. will be responsible for the Chinese market while Image Engineering USA, Inc. will be responsible for the American market.
2018 Introduction of the iQ-Automator Solution and iQ-LED version 2 (V2).
2017 Move to a new business location in Kerpen, Germany.
2014 Introduction of the modular lightSTUDIO with moving parts and high dynamic range capabilities. Introduction of the iQ-Analyzer version 6.
2013 Introduction of iQ-LED technology, a spectrally tunable light source.
2011 Uwe Artmann rejoins the company as a managing partner.
2006 Acquisition of Esser Test Charts.
2004 IE Analyzer (known today as the iQ-Analyzer) evaluation software developed based on ISO standards.
2003 Development of the sinusoidal Siemens star for resolution measurements in cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences Cologne.
2000 The construction and sale of the first two custom ordered test stands for Leica and Panasonic, marking the start of our test equipment manufacturing business.
1998 New business location in Frechen-Koenigsdorf on the west end of Cologne, Germany.
1997 Formation of the first independent test lab for digital cameras. Today our lab is one of the largest and most trusted independent test labs in the world.
1995 Dietmar Wueller opens a small training facility in Cologne, Germany. Courses dealing with digital image capture and processing were the main activities in the beginning.