Data & Tools

The technical understanding of image quality is constantly changing. As technologies advance and international standards evolve, it can be challenging to know the best tools for testing a camera system's image quality performance.

This is a collection of a few essential scientific databases and other tools that we have found to be very beneficial for image quality testing. A few of these tools were created by us, and the others are also valuable resources that are freely available online.

Camera Spectral Sensitivity Database

A collection of numerous spectral sensitivity measurements – created by IE

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Chart Reference Data Collection

A reference data index for various IE test charts – created by IE

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Calculate color space

Calculate 3D models of color spaces from ICC profiles or images. – created by ICCView

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ImageJ distribution

An ImageJ distribution equipped with multiple plugins. – created by Fiji

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Illuminant data tables

Data tables for several different standard illuminants and others. – created by CIE

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An image browser, converter, and editor

A powerful image viewer with convenient features. – created by FastStone

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Image Sensors Blog

Get the latest information on image sensors. – created by Image Sensors World

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Color calculations

Calculations for digital imaging and color science. – created by Bruce Lindbloom

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