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iQ-Automator Solution

A completely automated camera test is now just one click away


Please note:

We no longer provide the automation solution exactly as described below. We are in the process of converting our automated testing solutions in line with our new strategic partnership with Sofica Ltd. Read our press release for more information.

As mobile phone cameras continue to become more influential in our everyday lives, developing a more efficient image quality testing solution for these cameras has become crucial. The iQ-Automator Solution has created a more efficient and time-effective way to automatically test and provide feedback about the image quality of a mobile phone camera.

At the center of this solution is the iQ-Automator software itself. Essentially, this software can automatically align the device under test (DUT) with our illumination and measurement devices following the custom generated workflow.

Once the testing workflow is complete, the images automatically transfer to your pc for analysis. In the past, to test multiple variables in the same testing workflow, adjustments had to be done manually, which took time and lead to the possibility of human error.

The iQ-Automator provides a substantial timesaver while also eliminating human error and creating more precise and accurate testing.

While other software has the potential to create custom workflows, most require in-depth software development into on-site solutions. The iQ-Automator is unique because it can manage multiple hardware setups and requires no in-depth software programming on-site.

In other words, this solution can be integrated into your testing lab right away without any additional development.

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iQ-Automator Solution

Standard workflow

Setup Test Scene
1Setup test scene

Create your specific testing scene by arranging various illumination and measurement devices around the iQ-Testbench and robotic arm.

Design Test Procedure
2Create test procedure

Customize test sequences with user-friendly drag and drop control software and create a full test procedure for automated testing.

Run Test
3Run test

Automatically align the device under test to the different illumination and measurement devices and run the generated test procedure.

Analyze test images
4Optional: Analysis

Automatic transfer of images from the device under test to your computer for analysis using the iQ-Analyzer software or your in-house analysis solutions.


The iQ-Automator Solution uses customizable control software and combines it with the robotic arm and other illumination and measurement devices to deliver more accurate and timely test results to the research and development team.

Auto positioning and alignment

Automatically position and align the mobile phone using the advanced robotic arm to ensure a more precise measurement and the elimination of human error.

See full product video here


Custom Workflows

Easily create the camera test workflow

Use intuitive drag and drop control software to generate custom workflows in order to develop an automated testing sequence. Also included is a scripting feature for external integration of events/applications/scripts into the workflow. No onsite software development is needed.

iQ-Automator software
iQ-Automator automatic image transfer

Image Transfer

Automatically transfer images

After beginning the test sequence, captured images will be automatically delivered to your pc for further analysis.

iQ-Automator is highly adaptable
Highly adaptable

The iQ-Automator can incorporate and automatically test many of our LED-based products in various test lab setups.


Technical Data


Robot Arm

Principle Camera positioning and alignment
Versions UR3 / UR5 (only on request)
Max. payload 3 kg / 5 kg
Max arm radius 500 mm / 800 mm
Degrees of freedom six rotating joints



Principle Control software
API's Some component API's available on request

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can be customized to fit your test lab.

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