Spectral sensitivity measurements in the near IR region


With a wavelength range of 380 – 1050 nm (10 nm steps), the TE292 VIS-IR expands the camera performance testing capabilities in the visual and IR regions. This chart is designed after the front plate of the full camSPECS devices with all interference filters mounted onto one "test chart" for fast spectral sensitivity measurements and camera color calibration.

As with the original TE292, the VIS-IR version is best utilized in combination with the LE7 VIS-IR, our iQ-LED integrating sphere for testing in the visual and IR regions.

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Image Stabilization Performance

Using STEVE for testing camera stabilization


Our Stabilization Evaluation Equipment (STEVE) is CIPA certified and uses six degrees of freedom to test the optical stabilizers of your camera system. It is ideal for analyzing the camera’s response to natural human hand tremors. The device is available in two sizes and comes with control software.

When we test camera stabilization performance in our test lab, we use STEVE with the iQ-AF Box and the TE261 slanted edge test chart. This setup is based on the method described in ISO 20954.

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LED-Panel V5

A timing measurement device

LED-Panel V5

The latest version has a few notable features, including the ability to dim the LED array, which significantly improves the use of the device under low-light conditions. Other parameters, including rolling shutter, shutter lag, frame rate, and bright-light conditions, have improved accuracy. Finally, the USB interface now supports the entire speed range of the LED-Panel.

The device uses an array of LEDs illuminated in different modes and frequencies and follows the requirements outlined by the timing measurement standard ISO 15781. We offer LED-Panel variations with varying wavelengths of peak and viewing angles and versions that support near IR testing.

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Image Stabilization

Learn more about camera stabilization performance

Image Stabilization

Image stabilization refers to how stable the optical system within a camera is during the image capture. If the camera is not stable, then the image will appear blurry. There are many causes of blurred photos, such as weak lighting conditions, long focal lengths, and slow shutter speed in combination with camera shake from a hand-held camera. Learn more about the background of image stabilization and how to test your camera's stabilization performance.

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iQ-Chart Box updates

Fluorescent light discontinued


We want to inform you that the iQ-Chart Box will no longer be available with fluorescent tubes. With iQ-LED technology, you can simulate fluorescent light without the need for the tubes themselves. Support will continue for those who have an iQ-Chart Box with fluorescent tubes. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact our sales team.

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