Evaluating wide-angle cameras

Options for wide-angle camera calibration


Many of our products are optimized for evaluating the performance of wide-angle cameras. CAL3 is an integrating sphere with a 38 mm concave curved opening to support a 180° field of view for the camera under test.

For those with a larger camera lens and needing a wider opening for testing, we offer the CAL3-XL with a 196 mm opening. Finally, our CAL2 device is optimized for production line integration. Our CAL devices use iQ-LED technology for more accurate camera calibration and characterization.

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Geometric camera calibration

Calibrate wide-angle cameras using GEOCAL


GEOCAL is unique to geometric camera calibration because it does not require a relay lens or test charts necessary for other solutions. Instead, GEOCAL is a compact device that can generate a grid of light spots originating from infinity.

As a result, large field-of-view lenses such as those found in the automotive industry are much easier to calibrate using this device. Follow the link below to learn more about GEOCAL and geometric camera calibration.

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Introducing Leon Hägele

Our new Technical Sales Engineer


We are pleased to announce that Leon Hägele will now start a new role as a technical sales engineer focusing on the automotive industry. Leon will be responsible for assisting our automotive customers with their image quality and camera testing requirements. We look forward to Leon helping us expand our capabilities in the automotive sector.

For any automotive camera testing questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Leon directly at .

For other inquiries, please contact our sales team.

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Challenges for automotive cameras

Challenges and solutions for testing automotive camera systems


Over the past two decades, more and more cameras have found their way into automobiles, and today, driver assistance systems have become indispensable in modern cars. However, as advancement continues, the requirements for self-driving vehicles have proven to be a great challenge for system manufacturers.

Our latest blog post looks at the challenges posed by the requirements of autonomous driving systems while also taking a look at the attempts being made to solve these challenges.

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2022 product catalog

Download the latest edition of the IE product catalog


The 2022 IE product catalog is now available for download. This past year we have upgraded many of our products and services. Our test lab now offers camPAS testing for objective automotive camera and sensor testing.

We have also upgraded many of our software and API products, including the iQ-Analyzer-X, our image quality analysis software. We also introduced the iQ-Near Focus for autofocus performance measurements and released new versions of the LED-Panel and GEOCAL.

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