iQ-Climate Chamber

Test your camera system in a wide range of temperature scenarios

iQ-CLimate Chamber

We are pleased to introduce the iQ-Climate Chamber, our latest device that generates various temperature ranges for camera performance testing. It is currently the only device in the market for testing a camera system in a temperature-controlled environment.

The device has a test range of -30° to 180° C with temperature stability of +/- 0.3° K giving you the ability to create almost any temperature scenario within the confines of your test lab.

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Download the iQ-Analyzer-X for free!


We are almost two weeks in since the release of the iQ-Analyzer-X and we are humbled with how it’s being received so far. In this stage of the iQ-Analyzer evolution, we set out to overhaul the entire software by building it from scratch using C++.

This decision has not only created much faster and more efficient evaluations but has also given us the freedom to incorporate new features for even greater flexibility. And the best part of all of this, we are offering the software for free. That’s right, you can download the software for free from our website and start improving your camera performance evaluations.

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Geometric camera calibration

Example images available for GEOCAL


We have uploaded new example images that are available for download from our website. GEOCAL introduces a new dimension in geometric camera calibration. Geometric camera calibration is essential for camera systems from certain industries, especially those relying on the detection of objects in a moving scene. Check out the GEOCAL product page for more details and to download the images.

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iQ-Knowledge – shading

Understand the impact of shading on image quality


What is shading? Shading is a light fall-off or color variation from the center of the sensor to the corners that do not originate from the scene captured. Learn more about the various types of shading and how to measure it using the image quality knowledge section on our website.

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