Camera flicker response

Solutions for testing camera flicker response


Flicker is one of the most difficult image quality factors to evaluate in a test lab due to the difficulty of replicating the intensity, brightness, and overall randomness of flickering light. However, for some camera systems, particularly those in the automotive industry, accurately testing a camera’s flicker response is crucial to high performance and safety.

At Image Engineering, we have developed a variety of solutions to simulate the intensity and brightness of flickering light often encountered by camera systems in the real world.

Follow the link below for detailed information on flicker and its importance in automotive camera testing.

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Vega - high stability illumination

A versatile DC light source for testing flicker response


Vega, one of our newest illumination devices, uses DC technology to create a high-stability light source. DC technology benefits all camera testing, including tests with very short exposure times, e.g., automotive-grade cameras.

  • High dynamic range testing
  • Very short exposure time testing
  • Extremely stable
  • Various flicker modes

This device is perfect for those looking for a much more accurate solution for high-intensity measurements, such as contrast detection probability (CDP), modulated mitigation probability (MMP) or flicker, noise, and tone curve measurement.

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Vega test charts

Unique grayscale test charts designed for Vega


Vega test charts (TE294) are unique transmissive grayscale test charts for high precision measurements such as those in automotive camera systems. This chart has been developed to be used with the Vega light source.

We offer a few variations apart from the standard grayscale chart. Contact our sales department for more details. Charts and Vega (the light source) are always sold separately.

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LG3 illumination box

A uniform lightbox for illuminating high contrast test targets


The LG3 is one of our most popular lightboxes for uniform transmissive test target illumination. Based on iQ-LED technology, the LG3 can illuminate a high contrast test target with over 150000 lx.

  • Low mode: 0-100% 32 kHz / 10 to 6500 lx
  • Normal mode: 0-100% 32 kHz / 100 to 65000 lx
  • High mode: 100% max. 60s lighting duration / 150000 lx

The LG3 also has a flicker mode to simulate real-world flicker scenarios (e.g., traffic signs for automotive cameras). You can choose between a constant pulse width modulation mode of 32 kHz and variable duty cycle, or the flicker mode with a range of 10 to 500 Hz and variable duty cycle.

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LED-Panel V5

A timing measurement device

LED-Panel V5

The latest version has a few notable features, including the ability to dim the LED array which greatly improves the use of the device under low-light conditions. Other parameters, including rolling shutter, shutter lag, frame rate, and bright-light conditions, have improved accuracy. Finally, the USB interface now supports the entire speed range of the LED-Panel.

The device uses an array of LEDs that are illuminated in different modes and frequencies and follows the requirements outlined by the timing measurement standard ISO 15781. We offer LED-Panel in variations with different peak wavelengths and viewing angles as well as versions that support near IR-testing.

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