LED-Panel V5

A timing measurement device


The latest version has a few notable features, including the ability to dim the LED array which greatly improves the use of the device under low-light conditions. Other parameters, including rolling shutter, shutter lag, frame rate, and bright-light conditions, have improved accuracy. Finally, the USB interface now supports the entire speed range of the LED-Panel.

The device uses an array of LEDs that are illuminated in different modes and frequencies and follows the requirements outlined by the timing measurement standard ISO 15781. We offer LED-Panel in variations with different peak wavelengths and viewing angles as well as versions that support near IR-testing.

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iQ-Near Focus

An advanced autofocus test solution

iQ-Near Focus

iQ-Near Focus is a unique device for evaluating the autofocus performance of a camera. It can be combined with the LED-Panel to give you a powerful solution for analyzing your camera system's timing and autofocus performance.

With the iQ-Near Focus, you can focus the camera to a defined short distance with high temporal accuracy. We have fitted it with a high contrast translucent checkerboard test chart for precise focusing.

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lensTESTER test chart

A flexible chart for resolution and contrast performance measurements


lensTESTER is a resolution test chart for those looking for a simple chart to begin image quality testing. The chart is unique because it is printed as a poster and can be mounted onto any flat wall giving you the flexibility to perform basic resolution performance measurements from almost anywhere without the need for designated lab space.

The lensTESTER is also supported by the iQ-Analyzer-X for evaluating test results.

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Introducing Max Gäde as our new leader in the test lab.


We are pleased to announce that Max Gäde has been promoted to our new Head of Image Quality Lab & Innovation. Max brings many years of experience working in R&D and camera test lab environments. He is currently an active member of IEEE-P2020, assisting in the development of an internationally recognized standard for automotive camera performance, and has contributed to various other working groups for camera performance testing.

We look forward to the experience and leadership that Max will bring to the team! If you would like to inquire about testing your cameras in our test lab, please contact our lab directly.

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We are hiring!


We are currently hiring for open positions across multiple departments. If you are interested in camera technology and solving the complex problems that can further advance the camera industry, we want to hear from you.

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