camSPECS plate (TE292)

Flexible camera color calibration with iQ-LED

TE292 with LE7

The camSPECS plate is a different color calibration option designed after the front plate of the camSPECS device. As with the camSPECS, this plate mounts all of the interference filters onto one “test chart” and can then quickly calibrate and measure spectral sensitivity in just a single image.

The camSPECS plate is unique because, as a standalone plate (separate from the full camSPECS device), it can be used with the LE7 allowing camera color calibration and characterization with iQ-LED illumination. The long-term stability of iQ-LED makes the camSPECS plate ideal for color calibration on a production line.

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iQ-Climate Chamber

A temperature-controlled camera testing device

iQ-Climate Chamber

iQ-Climate Chamber, one of our latest product offerings, can generate various temperature ranges for camera performance testing. It is currently the only device on the market for testing a camera system in a temperature-controlled environment.

The device has a test range of -30° to 120° C giving you the ability to create almost any temperature scenario within the confines of your test lab.

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iQ-Knowledge - Distortion

Learn more about image distortion and its impact on image quality


Distortion commonly occurs from aberrations near the edges of an image. Each type of distortion (barrel, pincushion, or waveform) usually develops through different variables. Learn more about the various types of distortion and how to measure your camera system’s distortion performance.

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IE Product Catalog

Download the latest edition of the IE product catalog

IE Catalog

The 2021 IE product catalog is now available for download. This past year has been a busy year for us and there are many new additions to our portfolio, including GEOCAL, a geometric camera calibration device, Vega, a powerful light source for cameras with very short exposure times, the iQ-Climate Chamber, and many others.

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