A versatile DC-driven light source for all camera testing requirements


Vega, one of our newest illumination devices, uses DC technology to create a high-stability light source. DC technology benefits all camera testing, including tests with very short exposure times, e.g., automotive-grade cameras.

  • High dynamic range testing
  • Very short exposure time testing
  • Extremely stable
  • Various flicker modes

This device is perfect for those looking for a much more accurate solution for high-intensity measurements, such as contrast detection probability (CDP), modulated light mitigation probability (MMP), noise, and tone curve measurement.

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Download the latest version of the iQ-Analyzer-X


Version 1.2 of the iQ-Analyzer-X is now available for download. The latest version includes support for distortion evaluation, including distortion test charts TE251 and TE260. We have also added the ability to use ICC profiles in the color evaluation. We also made a few minor improvements to the UI and specific measurements.

Download version 1.2


Temperature-controlled camera testing

Our test lab can test cameras in a variety of temperature ranges


The IE test lab has begun testing camera systems in various temperature scenarios using the iQ-Climate Chamber. This device provides us with control over the climate in which we are evaluating the camera.

Accurately simulating natural environments is essential when analyzing a camera system's performance that must continue to function at a high level under a rapidly changing climate (e.g., automotive camera systems).Our test lab can assist with your camera's performance evaluation in a temperature-controlled environment. Contact the lab today.

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Newly published conference papers

Conference papers from Electronic Imaging 2021 are now online


At the 2021 Electronic Imaging Conference, CEO Dietmar Wueller published a new paper outlining "Corner cases and limitations using a DOE-based geometric camera calibration." In the paper, he discusses outlying scenarios that are still experiencing geometric calibration limitations.

CTO Uwe Artmann published a new paper detailing "VCX Version 2020 – further development of a transparent and objective evaluation scheme for mobile phone cameras." In this paper, Uwe describes the development process of VCX Version 2020, including an overview of the differences and improvements from the previous version.

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