High precision measurements for cameras with extremely short exposure times


We are excited to introduce the Vega, a light source driven by DC technology for measuring the performance of a camera with extremely short exposure times. This device was developed when we realized the lack of light sources that provide high stability testing, the sort of testing that automotive and HDR camera systems need to evaluate safety and performance.

Vega uses DC-driven technology to provide a previously unattainable consistency. Using this technology, we can eliminate color shifting and ensure temperature stability within half a degree. The temperature is immediately established when the device is turned on and will remain consistent even when changing the intensities. Vega can also generate flicker from a wider frequency range and offers 1,000,000 equal-width steps for intensity control.

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Introducing the next generation of image quality evaluation


Don’t forget to check out our website or LinkedIn for the latest sneak previews of the iQ-Analyzer-X. Learn how the iQ-Analyzer-X is optimizing the user interface for a more flexible setup or how we have greatly improved the speed of the analysis workflow. The software also introduces database storage as well as analysis templates to better assist you with the organization of your results.

Keep following along as we will continue to release new features each week leading up to the official release on January 15, 2021.

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A new version of iQ-Flatlight

A spectrally tunable iQ-LED light source for test chart illumination


We are now offering two separate versions of the iQ-Flatlight. The standard option includes a pair of iQ-Flatlights each with 10 iQ-LED modules. The fluorescent option is the same as the standard set but each light also contains three fluorescent tubes. Due to these changes, we now offer the iQ-Flatlight at a significantly lower price. Please contact our sales department for details.

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Contrast Detection Probability

Working towards an international automotive image quality standard


Did you know that the IEEE-P2020 working group is currently working towards the publication of the first internationally recognized standard on automotive image quality? One of the major KPIs of the standard will be CDP. An automotive camera system must be able to accurately detect and identify objects in its field of view no matter the conditions. The CDP KPI will establish measurement parameters that must be met to ensure the safety and performance of an automotive camera system.

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