The next generation of image quality testing

What can you expect from the iQ-Analyzer-X?

iQ-Analyzer-X nl


  • A versatile and customizable user interface
  • Automatic chart detection and custom chart support
  • Increased speed overall (start-up time, detection times, etc.)
  • Database storage for storing and accessing all previous results
  • Custom workflows for managing unique evaluation specifications
  • Side-by-side comparison of analysis results

The iQ-Analyzer-X is a fully reimagined image evaluation software built completely on C++ making it one of the most advanced image evaluation software’s on the market.

Available: January 15, 2021

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Each week we will release a new video showcasing different aspects of the iQ-Analyzer-X. The first video is available and can be viewed across all our platforms. Stay connected through our blog, or follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook to receive the latest updates.

We are excited to begin evaluating the image quality performance of the next generation of cameras.

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iQ-LED software update

A new fit calculation for iQ-LED software version 3.3.2

iQ-LED software

The latest version of the iQ-LED software (3.3.2) includes a new calculation of the FIT value called “global fit.” The fit value is an estimated error of the fitting algorithm. With the original “local fit” setting (still available as an option), the normalization is performed per each LED channel. With the global setting, it’s performed across all wavelength values uniformly.

Our research has shown that we achieve a better spectra match for all spectra, but a significantly better match with low power regions (e.g., typical LED spectra), using the global setting. As a result, we recommend the new algorithms for all applications. Available for download from our website.

The iQ-LED API has also been updated with the global fit in version 3.2.0. Contact our sales department for details on updating your iQ-LED API.

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Did you know?

A quick tip when evaluating the SFR using the iQ-Analyzer


Did you know that you can measure the SFR with any edge using the “Free Edge Tool” in the iQ-Analyzer evaluation software? This tool, also available in the iQ-Analyzer-X, provides a flexible option for measuring the SFR of a target edge. Contact our support department for details.

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