Welcome to the next generation of image quality evaluation

The iQ-Analyzer-X is a fully reimagined image evaluation software built completely on C++ making it one of the most advanced image evaluation software’s on the market.

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What you can expect from the iQ-Analyzer-X?

The iQ-Analyzer-X includes many new features that will ensure a more efficient evaluation including:

  • A versatile and customizable user interface
  • Automatic chart detection and custom chart support
  • Increased speed overall (start-up time, detection times, etc.)
  • Database storage for storing and accessing all previous results
  • Custom workflows for managing unique evaluation specifications
  • Side-by-side comparison of analysis results

Official release date: January 15, 2021

Special offer

Purchase the iQ-Analyzer-X today and receive a free image evaluation starter test chart with the shipment of the software. Offer limited, so order now.

Staying connected

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We are excited to begin evaluating the image quality performance of the next generation of cameras.