iQ-LED Service Bundles

Maximize the potential of your iQ-LED products

iQ-LED nl

We are introducing new iQ-LED Service Bundles to accompany your iQ-LED devices. These bundles consist of different levels of maintenance items and services to provide you with numerous advantages for maximizing the potential of an iQ-LED product.

Benefits include re-calibration reminders, priority support, product training, and more. Certain bundles also come with spare parts for the hardware.

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camSPECS software update

Version 4.2.4 is now available for download

camSPECS plate nl

The latest version of the camSPECS software focuses on improvements and enhancements when using the camSPECS plate (TE292). When the plate is used with the LE7, an iQ-LED lightbox, it provides a different option for fast spectral sensitivity measurements and camera color calibration.

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Build a test lab from scratch

Requirements and recommendations

lab test scene nl

We are frequently asked about the requirements for setting up a new image quality test lab from scratch. The answer depends on the type of testing you will be doing and, of course, the amount of room space you have at your disposal. For those looking to get an idea of what it takes to build an effective image quality test lab, we have put together a list that includes requirements and recommendations for setting up a fully functioning image quality test lab.

Already have a lab but not sure if it’s fully optimized? We can help! Contact us for expert advice on how to improve the state of your test lab and ensure your testing is as accurate as possible.

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A new approach to geometric camera calibration


GEOCAL is a new geometric calibration device that uses a beam expanded laser in combination with a diffractive optical element (DOE). This device presents a new dimension in geometric camera calibration.

The GEOCAL does not require test charts or a relay lens but instead is a very compact device that can generate a regular grid of light spots originating from infinity. Large field-of-view lenses are also much easier to geometrically calibrate with this device.

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