Introducing the GEOCAL

A device for geometric camera calibration

geocal nl

We are very excited to announce the release of the GEOCAL, a geometric calibration device that uses a beam expanded laser in combination with a diffractive optical element (DOE). This device presents a new dimension in geometric camera calibration.

The GEOCAL does not require test charts or a relay lens but instead is a very compact device that can generate a regular grid of light spots originating from infinity. Large field-of-view lenses are also much easier to calibrate geometrically with this device.

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A closer look at geometric camera calibration

Introducing a new dimension in geometric camera calibration

geometric calibration nl

Geometric camera calibration is essential for systems from certain industries, particularly those relying on the detection of objects in a moving scene (e.g., automotive, ADAS, security).

After geometric calibration, a camera system will be better equipped to compensate for high distortion levels (especially for wide field-of-view cameras) and to accurately align stereo camera pairs.

Follow the link below for an in-depth look at the new dimension in geometric camera calibration and why it is crucial to the future of imaging.

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The iQ-Multispectral

Multispectral imaging based on iQ-LED technology

iQ-Multispectral nl

At last month's Archiving conference, we debuted the iQ-Multispectral light source. This device is the latest advancement in imaging for the archiving industry.

The iQ-Multispectral functions as a multispectral illumination light source based on iQ-LED technology to enhance the preservation of documents, texts, or images. Follow the link for more information and a video demonstration of how to use the iQ-Multispectral.

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