Introducing the iQ-Multispectral

Multispectral illumination based on iQ-LED technology

iQ-Multispectral nl

The iQ-Multispectral is the latest advancement in imaging for the archiving industry. This device functions as a multispectral illumination light source based on iQ-LED technology to enhance the preservation of documents, texts, or images. Follow the link for more information and a video demonstration of how to use the iQ-Multispectral.

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Universal Test Target (UTT)

Evaluate the image quality of scanners

UTT nl

The UTT is a uniquely designed test chart that is used extensively throughout the archiving industry to test the image quality of scanners. Fully optimize scanners and other archiving cameras by using the UTT with the iQ-Multispectral together.

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The iQ-Analyzer

The analysis software for evaluating test results

iQ-Analyzer nl

The iQ-Analyzer is an advanced analysis software for evaluating image quality test results. Test results obtained using charts such as the UTT can be quickly evaluated to show you where certain parts of the camera can be improved.

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