Expanding the dynamic range of the LE7 for low light testing

LE7 nl

The latest version of the LE7 (an iQ-LED uniform light box) expands the dynamic range of up to 1:100.000. Such a wide dynamic range gives the LE7-E the ability to broaden the testing opportunities especially at low light. The combination of such a high dynamic range with the ability to tune the spectrum makes the LE7-E a unique illumination device.

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Custom LED-Panels

Customize the peak wavelength of your LED-Panel

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The LED-Panel IR has been recently updated and now is available with a peak wavelength of either 850 nm or 940 nm. In addition, we now offer the opportunity to customize the peak wavelength of an LED-Panel. Please contact our sales department with you testing requirements for details.

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Product catalog update

New additions to the 2020 IE product catalog

catalog nl

Our product catalog has been updated and is available for download on our website. A few of the notable additions include the TE292 camSPECS plate for camera calibration with iQ-LED illumination (pg. 63), and the TE42-LL chart (the chart from ISO 19093) for low light testing (pg. 61). Other updates include the LE7-E (pg. 23) and a few changes to our software APIs (pg. 51).

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