At the 2019 Electronic Imaging conference, Apple Inc. presented a paper titled “Issues reproducing handshake on mobile phone camera.” The paper focuses on creating a motion profile that can be applied industry wide when testing mobile phone cameras.

Handshake is one of the more difficult factors to emulate when testing the performance of a mobile phone. For their paper, Apple conducted research on the various frequencies and spatial characteristics of hand shaking while holding a cell phone. With this research they created a table of values sampled at 1 kHz to represent the different handshake frequencies that can be applied to image stabilization tests of mobile phone camera systems.

ISO 20954-2 will establish a measurement procedure for image stabilization performance that includes non-optical systems (i.e., mobile phone camera systems). This standard will include the representative handshake developed by Apple, to be applied when testing a camera system that includes non-optical elements in the image stabilization process.

Testing the image stabilization of a mobile phone camera requires special equipment and software such as STEVE-6D. STEVE is our CIPA certified image stabilization testing device that can perform an automated OIS (optical image stabilizers) test with six degrees of freedom. The STEVE control software allows you to use one of the provided CIPA handshake values, or you can upload a custom waveform with Cartesian coordinates.

We have reformatted (to accurately comply with the STEVE software) the handshake values from Apple so that they can be uploaded as a custom waveform to the STEVE control software. Download the modified values file from our website and use STEVE-6D to more accurately measure the image stabilization performance of your mobile phone camera system.

Download the reformatted handshake profile from the STEVE-6D product page on our website.

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