iQ-LED teaser

What is iQ-LED technology?

iQ-LED technology is capable of recreating numerous other light sources in a test lab environment. In other words, the technology of the iQ-LED can generate custom spectra by the optical mixing of emitted radiation from spectrally different LEDs. Any light source whether it be natural sunshine, automotive brake lights, or a standard light from a lab can be simulated with the iQ-LED V2 device.

The increasing reliance on cameras throughout society today has made it even more imperative to accurately test the performance of a camera in different lighting environments. iQ-LED technology greatly increases the possibilities and the accuracy of camera testing.



The standard V2 module consists of 20 different channels and 41 high power SMD LEDs on a 10 x 10 cm board. This module can be used as a single light source, or it can be part of an array consisting of multiple iQ-LED units acting as one larger light. By combining the hardware with control software and a NIST traceable absolute calibrated spectrometer, the iQ-LED V2 can recreate your lighting requirements.


Main features of the iQ-LED V2

iQ-LED features: High power LEDs

High Intensity and Accuracy

The high-powered LEDs are controlled via 4000 steps per channel and 32 kHz PWM (128 kHz is also possible depending on the hardware of the camera). The high intensity allows for broader application areas and more accurate spectral mixing.

iQ-LED features: Broad Wavelength Range

A Broad Wavelength Range

Multiple channels in the iQ-LED improve the curve fitting for all wavelength ranges. A broad wavelength range of approx. 380 – 820 nm, increases the accuracy of spectral reproduction.

iQ-LED features: Independent and Modular

Independent and Modular

After an initial check with the spectrometer to ensure the target spectrum is being accurately generated, the iQ-LED device will no longer require a PC and can be run independently until a new spectrum is needed.

iQ-LED features: Production Line integrateion

Production Line Integration

The iQ-LED uses advanced hardware features including temperature sensors, self-testing at startup, and an operation hour counter for smoother integration into production lines.



iQ-LED V2 has many new features and upgrades in comparison to V1:

Light Source 41 SMD high power LEDs separated by 20 color channels 80 standard LEDs separated by 22 channels Higher efficiency
Spectral Control 4000 steps per channel via 32 kHz PWM – 1000 steps per channel via 128 kHz PWM 1000 steps per channel via 32 kHz PWM Very short exposure times and more accurate spectral mixing
Intensity 4x higher intensity High intensity More application areas
Wavelength Range 380 - 820 nm 400 - 820 nm Increases accuracy of spectral reproduction
Control System Independent operation possible PC with USB connection always required Greater flexibility
Product Line Integration Operation hour counter
Four temperature sensors
Error code
Trigger output
Self-test at startup
Light sensor (optional)
  Increased functionality in production lines

For more information on the capabilities of the iQ-LED V2 and its availability please don’t hesitate to contact us.