VCX-WebCam 2023

A new international standard from the VCX-Forum

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VCX-WebCam 2023 is the latest standard from the VCX-Forum and one of the first international standards to focus on webcam image quality.

Since its launch last November, the standard has quickly gained worldwide praise and recognition as a reliable, objective, and comprehensive benchmark for webcam image quality. Many companies are hard at work upgrading (or building) their test lab to begin evaluating webcam performance according to the established measurement methods in the VCX whitepaper.

For more information on VCX-WebCam 2023 and how to get started with testing, please see the VCX website.

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iQ-Analyzer-X update

Version 1.7.1 is now available

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Version 1.7.1 of the iQ-Analyzer-X is now available for download. With the release of v1.7.0, we have added live measurements of video files and live streams, making iQ-Analyzer-X ideal for webcam image quality analysis. In addition, we have significantly improved the chart detection for all charts (for our UTT customers, improved chart detection will be available in a future release) and measurement workflows.

Follow the link below to download version 1.7.1.

For those new to iQ-Analyzer-X, we offer both a free and a pro version of the software. The free version can be downloaded from our website by following the link below. Please see our website for more details on the different versions of iQ-Analyzer-X.

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GEOCAL - distortion measurements

An ideal solution for geometric camera calibration and distortion


GEOCAL is a very versatile measurement device, and apart from geometric camera calibrations, the GEOCAL can also measure high distortion levels, particularly for wide field-of-view cameras. In addition, GEOCAL can measure a camera system's focal length and principle point and can accurately align stereo camera pairs.

With its numerous measurement possibilities, GEOCAL is quickly becoming one of our most popular devices for geometric camera calibration and distortion measurements of camera systems that must detect objects in a moving scene (e.g., ADAS applications).

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iQ-Climate Chamber

A temperature-controlled device for camera performance testing

Climate Chamber

iQ-Climate Chamber can generate various temperature ranges for camera performance testing. It is currently the only device on the market for testing a camera system in a temperature-controlled environment.

The device has a test range of -30° to 120° C, allowing you to create almost any temperature scenario within the confines of your test lab. It has quickly become one of our most popular products, especially for companies evaluating how their camera systems adapt and perform to a constantly changing environment, such as those from the automotive and security industries.

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2023 product catalog

The latest edition of the IE product catalog is now available

Product catalog

The 2023 IE product catalog is now available for download. This past year we have upgraded many of our products and services. Our test lab now offers webcam testing using the VCX-WebCam 2023 standard and camPAS testing for objective automotive camera and sensor testing.

We have also upgraded many of our software and API products, including the iQ-Analyzer-X image quality analysis software. We have also upgraded many of our hardware products, including the iQ-Climate Chamber for temperature-controlled testing and the Vega light source for high-precision measurements of cameras with very short exposure times.

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