Camera testing with IR light

Test equipment for NIR camera evaluations


We have created a NIR* (near-infrared) product line of illumination devices and test charts to help you accurately reproduce NIR light for camera performance evaluation in near-infrared scenarios.

Infrared technology has a meaningful impact on cameras and sensors across various industries. ADAS and other automotive systems benefit from utilizing infrared in their designs. These systems need to detect objects even when operating in darkness or other low visibility weather conditions.

Follow the link below for more information on how to get started with NIR camera performance testing.

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Geometric camera calibration in the NIR region


The latest version of the GEOCAL product line is the GEOCAL-IR. With this version, we have expanded the laser diode wavelength range to 935 nm so you can perform geometric camera calibrations in the NIR region.

GEOCAL is unique to geometric camera calibration because it does not require a relay lens or test charts that are necessary for other solutions. Instead, GEOCAL is a compact device that can generate a grid of light spots originating from infinity.

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A uniform lightbox for NIR testing


The LE7 is a uniform lightbox that uses iQ-LED V2 technology to increase the effectiveness of image quality camera testing with transparent test charts.

In the LE7 VIS-IR version, two iQ-LED V2 elements cover the visible spectrum, and four iQ-LED VIS-IR elements with 11 channels are in the near-infrared region. These extra VIS-IR elements extend the spectral range from 380 – 1050 nm.

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Test charts for infrared camera testing

Many of our charts can be used for NIR testing


Most of our transmissive test charts and many of our reflective test charts can be crafted for NIR testing. One of our latest charts, the TE292 VIS-IR, is designed for spectral sensitivity measurements and camera color calibration in the NIR region. It is best utilized with the LE7 VIS-IR.

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camSPECS software update

V4.3.0 is available for download

camSPECS software

This version of the camSPECS software supports the TE292 VIS-IR test chart. We have also removed administrator rights from the executable program. Other updates include various bug fixes. See the changelog for full version details.

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