camSPECS plate (TE292)

Flexible camera color calibration with iQ-LED

camspecs plate nl

The camSPECS plate (TE292) introduces a unique option that is designed after the front plate of the camSPECS device. As with the camSPECS, this plate mounts all of the interference filters onto one “test chart” and can then quickly calibrate and measure the spectral sensitivity of a camera in just a single image.

The camSPECS software supports the calibration procedure of the camSPECS plate (TE292). Other updated features in the software include an accuracy improvement of the spectral sensitivity measurement in the iQ-LED module, a new transform type in the color transform module, and the support of display color management in the ICC profile evaluation module.

The plate only functions with a broadband uniform illumination device such as the LE7 (sold separately) for precise camera color calibration and characterization with iQ-LED illumination.

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iQ-LED API Updates

Announcing various updates to our API programming interface


Interfaces for the iQ-LED API are now available in two programming languages C++ and C. The C++ interface only depends on the standard ISO C++ and its Standard Library (STL). Meanwhile, the C interface can be used in various programming languages and SDKs such as Python, Matlab, or Labview.

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iQ-Align XL

An essential tool for the CAL3-XL and LE7

iQ-Align XL nl

Use the iQ-Align XL to precisely align the camera under test when using the CAL3-XL and LE7 uniform lightboxes. Particularly designed for wide-angle cameras, the iQ-Align XL can hold up to 11 kg for more flexible camera alignment.

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Upcoming image quality events

Looking ahead to the 2020 conference schedule

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To start the new year, we will be participating in two of the leading events for imaging.

The Electronic Imaging Symposium brings together 17 technical conferences covering all aspects of electronic imaging. The SPIE Photonics West conference is the worldwide leading event for the photonics industry. We hope we will see you at one (or both!) of these events in the new year.

If you would like an appointment outside of the events mentioned above, please contact us.

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