Is it possible to use HD charts for SD and the other way round?


For COLOR CHARTS it is possible if you are using a color checker chart. The color bars for HD and SD have slightly different primaries and so there will be a slight difference in the result when using the SD for the HD camera or the other way round.

te223GRAY SCALE CHARTS can be used anyhow just take care that the gray patches are arrange in a way in the picture that the signal is readable on the waveform monitor.

TE197RESOLUTION CHARTS can in general not be used for the other format except you are willing to recalculate the frequencies in the chart to the format you are shooting with. Another problem here is that HD resolution charts  have too high frequencies for SD and SD charts have much too low frequencies for HD.

TE253 & TE089SIEMENS STARS just for focusing can usually be used for both formats. Most BLACK TO WHITE CHARTS can also be used for HD and SD.