Electronic Imaging Conference 2018 - Dietmar Wüller

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Due to the fast evolving technologies and the increasing importance of Social Media, the camera is one of the most important components of today’s mobile phones. Nowadays, smartphones are taking over a big share of the compact camera market.

A simple reason for this might be revealed by the famous quote: “The best camera is the one that’s with you”. But with the vast choice of devices and great promises of manufacturers, there is a demand to characterize image quality and performance in very simple terms in order to provide information that helps choosing the best-suited device.

The current existing evaluation systems are either not entirely objective or are under development and haven't reached a useful level yet. Therefore the industry itself has gotten together and created a new objective quality evaluation system named Valued Camera eXperience (VCX).

It is designed to reflect the user experience regarding the image quality and the performance of a camera in a mobile device. Members of the initiative so fare are: Apple, Huawei, Image Engineering, LG, Mediatec, Nomicam, Oppo, TCL, Vivo, and Vodafone.