Electronic Imaging Conference 2017 - Dietmar Wüller

Download full article as PDF: cell_phone_camera_rankings.pdf


Right now there are at least three publicly known ranking systems for cell phones (CPIQ [IEEE P1858, in preparation [1]], DxOmark [2], VCX [3]) that try to tell us which camera phone provides the best image quality.

Now that IEEE is about to publish the P1858 standard with currently only 6 Image quality parameters the question arises how many parameters are needed to characterize a camera in a current cell phone and how important is each factor for the perceived quality.

For testing the importance of a factor the IEEE cellphone image quality group (CPIQ) has created psychophysical studies for all 6 image quality factors that are described in the first version of IEEE P1858.

That way a connection between the physical measurement of the image quality aspect and the perceived quality can be made.