Electronic Imaging Conference 2019 - Uwe Artmann

Download full article as PDF: EIC2019_Aliasing.pdf


Aliasing is a well-known effect in imaging which leads potentially to disturbing artefacts on structures. While the high pixel count of todays devices helps to reduce this effect, at the same time optical anti-aliasing filter are more often removed from sensor stacks to improve on system SFR and quantum efficiency. While the artefact is easy to see, an objective measurement and quantification of aliasing is not standardised or established.

In this paper we show an extension to existing SFR measurement procedures described in ISO12233 which can measure and quantify the existence of aliasing in the imaging system. It utilises the harmonic Siemens star of the s-SFR method and can be included into existing systems, so does not require the capture of additional images.