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The next generation of image quality evaluation.

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The iQ-Analyzer-X introduces the next generation of image quality evaluation. In this phase of the iQ-Analyzer evolution, we made the decision to completely overhaul the entire software and essentially rebuild from scratch using only C++. As a result, we have created an exceptionally modern and advanced software that is already proving to be a game changer in the field of image quality evaluation.

Starting fresh and not relying on Mathworks Matlab as we did in Version 6 has allowed us to offer multiple options for interacting with the software. As a result, we have designed an advanced user interface, but we can also create script interfaces and access to low level APIs.

In addition to a more balanced and flexible user interface, we have also enhanced the speed of the software, and developed features such as database storage (both local and server-based), automatic chart detection, and measurement templates.

These additions are just a few of the upgrades that are available in the iQ-Analyzer-X. As with previous versions, you will be able to perform a variety of performance evaluations such as resolution, OECF, color, distortion, shading, flare, histogram, and low-light.

The iQ-Analyzer-X is compatible with a variety of test charts including custom made and multi-purpose charts e.g., TE42. Using the TE42 multi-purpose chart with the iQ-Analyzer-X creates a high-speed analysis solution with which you can measure multiple performance indicators in a single test image.



Test Chart Support

The iQ-Analyzer-X supports a large variety of test charts including custom made and multi-purpose test charts.

Camera KPI Testing

The iQ-Analyzer-X can evaluate all of the important KPIs of a camera including resolution, texture loss, color, dynamic range, etc.

Evaluation Management

The iQ-Analyzer-X is built completely on C++ creating an intuitive and highly configurable evaluation experience.

International Standard-Driven

Analyze camera performance based on a variety of international standards including ISO, IEEE, and VCX.

  • Database approach
    Save all results and image files to a local or an server-based database
  • Automatic chart detection
    Machine learning based chart detection
  • Custom test templates
    Implement any custom requirements to create specific analysis templates
  • Analyze individual reference data
    Optimize how you work with the individual reference data of your charts
  • Flexible UI
    Create a UI layout that works best for you
  • Optimized workflow
    Interactions with single images and sets of images

Upcoming Release Dates

During the next development phase of iQ-Analyzer-X, we will be focusing more of our efforts on upgrading the user experience. At this time, we have no further details on the next available release; however, the next release will include advanced video analysis and upgrades to the overall user experience. We thank you for your patience.



The iQ-Analyzer-X is available as Pro and Free version. The free version provides you with a fully functioning analysis software that will greatly improve the overall efficiency of your camera performance evaluations. To take advantage of all the features that the iQ-Analyzer-X offers, we recommend upgrading to the Pro version, available for purchase below.

  • Install on unlimited devices
  • Configurable user interface
  • Analysis templates
  • Analyze RAW files
  • Configurable test result tables
  • Zoom function of the image
  • Use individual reference data1
  • Save results to data base
  • Export results as XML or PDF
  • Maintenance Package and Priority Support2
  • Install on unlimited devices
  • Configurable user interface
  • Analysis templates
  • Analyze RAW files
  • Configurable test result tables
  • Zoom function of the image
  • Use individual reference data1
  • Save results to database
  • Export results as XML or PDF
  • Maintenance Package and Priority Support2
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1 The free version will always use the default reference data per chart.
2 The Pro version includes a one-year Maintenance Package that entitles you to all of the version upgrades as they become available. You also receive priority email/phone support and one free chart layout file.

Pro version details

When you purchase a Professional license, you will receive a USB dongle token for your license. You can install the iQ-Analyzer-X on an unlimited number of devices and then connect the USB Dongle to run the software. The network license feature allows you to connect the dongle to a host PC, and then the software can run on any device that has access to the host PC.

In addition, you will receive a one-year maintenance package. This package entitles you to all the version upgrades as they become available in your maintenance year. After your maintenance package concludes, you can continue using the iQ-Analyzer-X indefinitely; however, you cannot upgrade to future versions. If you wish to continue upgrading after one year, you can purchase additional maintenance years (multiple years can also be bought during the initial purchase) for a reduced price of €1,100. Please contact our sales team for more details.

iQ-Analyzer-X CH

The Cultural Heritage (CH) version of the iQ-Analyzer-X is a dedicated analysis software for archiving professionals who document and preserve our past. Essentially, we have taken the same software and fully optimized it for archiving scanners and other document preservation devices.

This version is optimized for cultural heritage test charts such as the UTT (Universal Test Target) multipurpose test target. Combining this chart and software provides a powerful solution for evaluating the image quality of scanners and other devices used to create the digital replication of documents, photos, and other reflective media.

The iQ-Analyzer-X CH is cheaper than the full standard iQ-Analyzer-X PRO version, as it focuses on crucial image quality measurements for the cultural heritage industry. Those who have already purchased the PRO version can download the CH version as a regular version update. For those looking to only purchase the CH version, please contact our sales team.

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