The LE7 is a uniform lightbox that uses iQ-LED V2 technology to increase the effectiveness of image quality camera testing with transparent test charts.

iQ-LED V2 technology is a light source that is capable of generating custom spectra to replicate various light sources in a test lab environment. As with our other iQ-LED products, the LE7 uses 20 LED-channels to emulate almost any light spectrum for your camera testing.

The LE7 contains two, four or six iQ-LED elements* and is based on the principle of an integrating sphere to provide > 97% uniformity of the active chart area.

This product uses a mini-spectrometer with a spectral range of 350 – 860 nm to ensure better spectral resolution and higher sensitivity.

iQ-LED control software is provided with the LE7. Version 3.2.0 and above gives you the capability to control individual modules. Controlling modules individually provides the opportunity for a more extensive intensity range.

An iQ-LED API is also available as a separate option for integration into your design.

LE7 VIS-IR – Adjustable light extending to the VIS-IR spectrum

In the LE7 VIS-IR version, two iQ-LED V2 elements cover the visible spectrum and four iQ-LED VIS-IR elements with 11 channels are in the near-infrared region. These extra VIS-IR elements extend the spectral range from 380 – 1050 nm. The control software and API do not change.


The LE7-E version gives you the possibility to create a dynamic range of up to 1:100.000. Such a wide dynamic range greatly expands the testing possibilities especially when testing in low light. This particular version is currently the only iQ-LED device that can reach such a wide dynamic range.

This version uses six iQ-LED modules with the top center module covered with a 1.8 ND filter making it suitable for low light testing down to 0.25 lx making it ideal for low light testing. If you are measuring extremely low intensities, we recommend using an external radiolux (as opposed to the internal mini-spectrometer) to ensure you have exact values when measuring at these low intensities.

The LE7-E requires iQ-LED software version 3.2.0 or above to function effectively. With version 3.2.0, you can now control single modules inside the same device. Controlling single modules is essential for creating a larger intensity range especially when using low light.

LE7 with camSPECS plate

The camSPECS plate is a uniquely designed transparent plate for spectral sensitivity measurements and camera color calibration. The plate is designed after the front plate of the camSPECS device with all of the interference filters mounted onto one “test chart” for more efficient spectral sensitivity measurements.

The camSPECS plate has been developed as an option to use with the LE7 for uniform iQ-LED illumination. iQ-LED illumination (as opposed to the halogen light source in the camSPECS device) can generate custom spectra to replicate numerous light sources for camera characterization and calibration.

The plate can be used with any LE7 version or variation. An external calibration device is included with the plate. Please contact us for details.

*Please note, we may be able to upgrade your exisitng LE7 V2 without having to order a full new device (not guarenteed). Please contact our sales team for detials.

camSPECS express XL
Principle Integrating sphere to illuminate transparent test charts based on iQ-LED technology
Light source LE7-2x: 2 x iQ-LED V2 / LE7-4x: 4 x iQ-LED V2
LE7-6x: 6 x iQ-LED V2 / LE7-IR: 2 x iQ-LED V2 + 4 x iQ-LED VIS-IR
LE7-6x-E: 5x iQ-LED V2 + 1 x iQ-LED V2 with 1,8 ND filter
41 SMD high power LEDs separated into 20 color channels (each unit)
11 additional channels for iQ-LED VIS-IR
Intensity Controlled via 4000 steps per channel and 32 kHz
PWM (switchable to 1000 steps with 128 kHz)
Spectral Range 380-820 nm
380-1050 nm (IR)
Uniformity 97 % for active chart area, 280 x 157.5 mm
96 % for full output window, 290 x 220 mm
Predefined standard illuminants D50, D55, D65, D75, A, B, C, E
Illumination stability +/- 1% when stabilized (2% after switching D illuminants in the first five seconds)
Response time (switch illuminant) < 50ms
Maximum/ Minimum illumination values
for standard D55 illuminants
(illuminating a TE291 D calibration chart)
LE7-2 x / LE7 VIS-IR: 25 lx - 8000 lx
LE7-4x: 100 lx - 16.000 lx
LE7-6x: 25 lx - 24.000 lx
LE7-6x-E: 0,25 lx - 20.000 lx
Power Supply 110 V / 230 V
LE7-2x: 180 W – LE7-4x: 340 W – LE7-IR: 260 W
Dimensions (W x H x D) 620 x 730 x 430 mm
Weight 16 kg
* Product variant:


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