iQ-Drive API

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Application Programming Interface for motor-driven devices

The iQ-Drive API offers a comprehensive yet intuitive programming interface for controlling motor-driven products by Image Engineering.

It is designed to integrate image quality measurement devices, such as lightSTUDIO with the moving targets option (lightSTUDIO-M), motor-driven camera bench (iQ-Bench-M), motor-driven vertical chart mount (iQ-Chartmount-VM), camera aligning device (iQ-Alignrig), camera hexapod (iQ-Hexalign-G), or the robot arm (iQ-Automator) into your environment. The included desktop software iQ-Drive provides a convenient way to operate these devices out-of-the-box.

The iQ-Drive API enables you to write your own software and implement operational sequences with your specifications while still using all of the advantage of our motorized devices. Integration into other existing software systems is also a possibility.

The extensive API documentation is accompanied by useful practical C++ code examples guiding you through the most common motorization use cases.

Find a list of suitable iQ-Drive products here »


  • Desktop software included both as executable and as a source code reference implementation
  • No unnecessary dependencies in the interface (only ISO C++ and it's Standard Library STL)
  • Four types of controllable objects available:
    • motor controller (e.g., axes, digital inputs, digital outputs)
    • hexapod controller (e.g., iQ-Hexalign-G)
    • robot arm controller (e.g., iQ-Automator)
  • Device-specific XML configuration files provided by Image Engineering contain all necessary default and limit values to get started right away
  • All required drivers are supplied

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Programming language C++
Library type Dynamic-link library (DLL)
Build environment Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 (32/64 bit)
Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 (32/64 bit)
Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 (64 bit)
Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 (64 bit)
Supported operating systems Windows 7 or higher (32 and 64 bit)