in-situ image

Spectral radiance measurements database

A database of real-life spectral radiances for enhancing the color reproduction of digital cameras

What is in-situ?

In-situ refers to a real object that has been left in its original or natural location. For our purposes, in-situ refers to different objects that have been photographed and recorded in their nautral environment under various forms of unrefined illumination.

Our in-situ database is a collection of around 2500 spectral radiance measurements of real-life objects and scenes including skin tones, flowers, sky, grass, etc. that are commonly photographed. These measurements provide training data that can be used for the color characterization of digital cameras in combination with their spectral sensitivities.

The benefits of in-situ

Most color characterization is done using a test chart in a test lab. While test charts are enormously beneficial when testing the many factors of image quality, they lack the ability to accurately simulate real world colors. The in-situ database, however, supplies the real spectral radiances enabling you to fully optimize your color correction matrix in combination with the spectral sensitivities of your camera while not limiting the correction to the gamut of a ColorChecker test chart.

Until the introduction of our in-situ database, the only commonly known source for in-situ measured spectral radiances was ISO 17321-1, which provides spectral radiance measurements for 14 common objects. The in-situ database has around 2500 visual impressions using numerous objects of different colors in their natural environment. In addition, each object is photographed showing the situation and environmental condition under which the measurement was performed.

What does the database include?

When you purchase the in-situ database, you gain access to all of the collected data. Each object will be available in two variants, measurement including the incident light and a white tile corrected measurement. We also provide an excel file with all of the data readily available.

This excel file is also included in the camSPECS express software (real images not included). The camSPECS express is specifically designed to measure the spectral sensitivities of a camera.

If you are from a university or an accredited research institution, we will provide you with the database free of charge. Contact our sales department for details.


If you have already purchased the in-situ database, you can go directly to the in-situ login homepage.