Many cameras only have a fully automatic focus. With this in mind, the primary objective of the iQ-Defocus is to defocus or restart the automatic focusing system of a camera for a better analysis of the timing measurement of the device under test.

The iQ-Defocus is primarily used in conjunction with the LED-Panel. The LED-Panel is our timing measurement device for analyzing various timing measurements such as shooting time lag and shutter release time lag.

It is also recommended to use the iQ-Defocus in combination with the iQ-Trigger or iQ-Trigger -T, thus continuing to reduce the possibility of human error.

Technical information

The iQ-Defocus attaches to the iQ-Mobilemount for simple integration into the workflow. The shutter blade can be adjusted depending on the depth of the lens. The control software for this device is integrated into the software of the LED-Panel or the DTS and can be accessed when both devices are connected.

principle Automated solution for a remote trigger of the autofocus process through a provided uniform translucent target
Latency 20 ms
Max. stroke distance approx. 11 mm
Power supply/consumption 14-15 V from LED-Panel or Dynamic Test Stand
Dimension [W x H x D] 150 x 85 x 55 mm
Weight approx. 270 g
Delivery includes iQ-Defocus
Extension cable 7,5 m
iQ Defocus