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Precise timing measurement for digital cameras

The LED Panel V4 with operator-friendly software is the ideal time measurement device to determine the critical timing values for digital cameras.

The LED-Panel supports a peak wavelength of 630 nm and exact measurements with an accuracy of better than one millisecond are possible. It meets all the requirements of the ISO 15781 standard, which describes measurements such as shooting time lag, “new” negative shutter release time lag, shutter release time lag, shooting rate and start-up time.


The LED-Panel has a USB interface and includes a command line interface next to the control software.

Select the different operation modes of the LED-Panel by using the software or the manual controls on the device. Activate the shutter and shooting time lag by adjusting the LED frequency. Also, change the display refresh mode and the continuous mode of exposure time and frame rate measurements. In the rolling shutter mode, the 10 LED rows move simultaneously.

Technical information

When connected via USB, the maximum speed at 5 kHz (200 µs) is already suitable for most applications. If the USB connection is deactivated and controlled via the LED-Panel directly at the front panel, then the operation can go up to a frequency of 50 kHz. As a result, there is the choice of whether to operate the device in USB or non-USB mode.

Measurable parameters

  • shooting time lag (shutter lag with autofocus)
  • shutter lag without autofocus
  • autofocus time
  • negative shooting time lag
  • burst frame rate
  • display refresh rate
  • exposure time
  • rolling shutter speed
  • startup time

Control the LED panel and the iQ-Trigger with the help of user-friendly software, and easily integrate them into test sequences. Increase the workflow efficiency with the possibility of creating several measurement series and obtaining the results in txt and xml. Features of the software:

  • Controlling LED-Panel V4 via USB interface
  • Controlling iQ-Trigger, including interval control
  • Creating test sequences
  • Analysis of images, taken from LED-Panel V4
  • Providing result output as text and XML file (plan thePDF report)

LED-Panel-IR (850)

The LED-Panel-IR uses all of the same features as the LED-Panel but is capable of a peak wavelength of 850 nm. You can now measure the performance of your infra-red camera.

LED-Panel-IR (940)

The LED-Panel-IR uses all of the same features as the LED-Panel but is capable of a peak wavelength of 940 nm and expanding the infra-red testing range.


If you have a particular requirement, we have a C++ application program interface (API) available. When using the LED-Panel API, you can modify the start and stop timing of the device, change measurement modes, and incorporate other products (i.e., iQ-Trigger) for use with the LED-Panel among others.

Operating mode external trigger/single internal trigger/continuous
Adjustable times via USB: 200 µs to 10 s manually: 20 µs 10 s
Maximal reading measurement time 1000x of set time
LED running direction left to right, right to left, top to bottom, bottom to top manually: 20 µs 10 s
Accuracy <0,06% from 1 ms to 10 s
Measurement frequency of display refresh rate 10 µs to 10 s
Dimension 240 x 130 x 55 mm
Weight 1 kg
Supply voltage 15V DC, 1A
Line voltage for included power supply 100 - 240 V AC 50/60 Hz
* Product variant: