iQ-FoV Box

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Conveniently measure resolution for fisheye cameras

Gathering information about the resolution of fisheye cameras is now convenient with the iQ-FoV Box, a flexible solution for different opening angles.

Wide field of view cameras are becoming more utilized, especially in the automotive and surveillance sectors. Measuring the resolution of a wide field of view camera requires a specific solution. Test charts need to adapt to the geometry of the opening angle of the lens. One answer is to use pre-distorted test charts, but one chart only works for one type of lens.

The iQ-FoV Box is a flexible tool that is capable of performing image quality measurements for resolution aspects. Due to the adjustable positioning of the test charts, the distortion of the test pattern in the image is minimal, and the analysis method for slanted edges is applicable. Images, corresponding to one of the two specified setups can be analyzed automatically with the iQ-Analyzer.

Technical information

The iQ-FoV Box has an integrated, dimmable illumination system with additional neutral density filters to create low light situations. With the support of the measurement scales, the magnetic test charts can be easily attached anywhere on the metal walls and can be tilted using a unique hinge design. Furthermore, the camera’s field of view can be calculated using the measurement scales.

The accurate adjustment of the camera position is made by a mechanical positioning system for height and depth and with a remotely controlled change of pitch, yaw, and roll. All these features allow positioning of the test charts for every kind of fisheye camera up to a viewing angle of 180 degrees, in addition to performing a resolution measurement.

Light source 8 x 18 W fluorescent lamps, dimmable
D50 (Philips MASTER TL-D 90 De Luxe 18 W / 950)
Light level w/o ND filter Dimmable from 14lx to 900 lx
Light level with ND filter Dimmable from 0,14 lx to 9 lx
Extension arm travel range (depth / height) 75 cm / 15 cm
Rotation range: Pitch: +/- 15 Deg.
Yaw: +/- 170 Deg.
(motorized adjustable via remote control)
Rotation range roll +/- 10 Deg. (manually adjustable)
Max. camera weight 2.5kg
Dimension 106 cm / 180 cm / 135 cm to 210 cm
(W / H / D, including variable extension arm)
Operating voltage 220 … 240 V AC
Power consumption 10 … 180 VA
Operating temperature range +15°C to +45°C
Included magnetic testcharts 1 Center Chart (grey steps / slanted edges), type C
2 Wall Charts (slanted edges), type A
2 Wall Charts (slanted edges), type B
4 Measurement scales
Download Product video (.mp4 240mb)

Chinese version

Dear customer, we have also published the video tutorial about iQ-FoV Box with Chinese subtitles on the China online video platform

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