The CAL4 is designed for measuring resolution, color, OECF, dynamic range and noise when using an endoscopic light source.

The 0,3m integrating sphere provides a uniform illumination over the 50 mm chart plane. Simply connect the integrating sphere with the endoscopies (light projector) light source, to a fiber optic cold light cable, by using one of the four adapters that are compatible with the most common light projectors.

Principle Integrating sphere

Others on request.
Connection High temperature resistant cold-light cable. XENON approved
Uniformity of luminance in the active area 50mm x 50mm output > 97%
Warm up time Depending on the projector
Operating ambient temperature range Optimal: 22° to 26° degrees Celsius
Dimension 400  x 300  x 300 mm
Weight 3 kg
Delivery includes CAL4 - 30cm integrating sphere (without a light source), four adapters for different kind of projectors.