lg3 image

Through modern lighting technology, the LG3 creates new possibilities in image laboratories by considerably expanding the test areas for dynamic range measurements. The LG3 is capable of illuminating a high contrast test target with over 150000 lx (for the LG3 to make an exact indication of the intensity on the chart in luminance [cd/m²], a measuring device is required, e.g., PRC Krochmann RadioLux).

As a result, measurements of a high dynamic range are possible with short, practical exposure times. The user can also dim the intensity while the LG3 temperature management ensures that the light CCT (correlated color temperature) does not change.

Another unique aspect of the LG3 is the flicker mode. With this feature, the user can choose between a constant pulse width modulation mode of 32 kHz and variable duty cycle, or the flicker mode with a range of 10 to 500 Hz and variable duty cycle. With the LG3, light sources working with variable frequencies can be simulated, e.g., traffic lights, vehicle, and street lighting. Now cameras in the security and automotive area can be tested and optimized for a wide range of real-life situations.

Its important features are:

  • normal mode: 0-100% 32 kHz / 100 to 65000 lx
  • low mode: 0-100% 32 kHz / 10 to 6500 lx
  • high mode: 100% max. 60s lighting duration / 150000 lx
  • variable frequencies
  • variable duty cycles
  • high homogeneity  >95%
  • dimmable in fine steps
  • a stabilized intensity in a normal and low-intensity mode
  • correlated color temperature (CCT) of 5000 K

Via the external control and supply unit, select two illumination methods in three intensity ranges.

  1. Pulse width modulation PWM
  2. Flicker mode 10-500 Hz

The standard test chart size for the illumination device is D280 format.

We also offer an LG C++ API (sold separately) that can be used to build an individual measurement environment.

Principle High-intensity illuminator for transparent charts based on LED technology. Flicker-generation with variable frequency.
Output window rectangular output window, 290 x 220 mm
dual slot for D280 sized test charts
Light source 432 LEDs
CRI >90
Color temperature approx. 5000K  +/-5%
Uniformity > 95 % for active chart area*, 280 x 157.5 mm
> 95 % (70 mm diameter circle)*
approx. 90% at very low Intensity (intensity <1%)
Illumination stability Active illumination stabilization
Relative illumination stability > 98 %
Illumination feedback inaccuracy +/-2%**
Maximum / Minimum illumination level 10-150000 lx***
Dim function integrated control over display and rotary knob with approx. 5000 steps in 3 modes
feedback of illumination level in [%] and illuminance [lx]32 kHz PWM
Flicker Function 10-500 Hz
1-99% variable duty cycle
Power supply / consumption 110 V / 230 V, 250 W
Dimension lighting unit 
[W x H x D]
590 x 470 x 120 mm
Dimension control unit 
[W x H x D]
150 x 80 x 270 mm
Weight approx. 10 kg
Optional device tripod and remote holder

*Measured on chart plane
**Absolute inaccuracy is dependent on the inaccuracy of the used calibration device
***Absolute intensity range is dependent on the inserted chart