The CAL3 is a 0.29 m integrating sphere that uses iQ-LED V2 technology to illuminate a 38 mm concave curved opening. This type of opening as opposed to the flat opening found in CAL1 is ideal for cameras with a wide-angle lens as it supports a 180-degree field of view for the camera under test. A bowl shaped non-reflective diffusor filter on the sphere opening ensures uniformity of > 95%.

iQ-LED V2 technology is a light source that is capable of generating custom spectra to replicate various light sources in a test lab environment. The CAL3 has one iQ-LED V2 element built into the back of the sphere, and it uses 20 LED-channels to recreate almost any light spectrum for your camera testing.

As a result of the short response time of iQ-LED V2, a full calibration can be performed in less than a second as long as the image processing and transfer of the camera are quick enough.

The main benefits of the CAL3 include:

  • Camera calibration of wide-angle lenses
  • Detection of defect pixels
  • Determining luminance and color shading measurements
  • Exposure adjustment
  • Measuring the spectral sensitivity of multiple devices

The CAL3 uses a mini-spectrometer with a spectral range of 350 – 860 nm to ensure better spectral resolution and higher sensitivity.

iQ-LED control software is provided with the CAL3. An iQ-LED API is also available as an option for integration into your custom design.

Light source 1 x iQ-LED V2: 41 SMD high power LEDs / 20 color channels / 4000 step control per channel and 32 kHz PWM (switchable to 1000 steps with 128 kHz) / Spectral range:
380 – 820 nm / approx. lifetime of 10000 hours
Uniformity > 95%*
for FOV < 160° at min. 10 mm depth inside diffuser
for 160°-180° FOV at min. 20 mm depth inside diffuser
Predefined standard illuminants D50, D55, D65, D75, A, B, C, E
Planckian spectral curve by selected temperature (1900 - 18000 K)
Illumination stability +/- 1% when stabilized
(2% after switching D illuminants in the first 5 seconds)
Maximum / Minimum illumination values max. 7000 lx for standard D illuminants
min. down to 25 lx, depending on illuminant and required curve fit /CRI
Power supply 110 V / 230 V, 200 W
Dimension (W x H x D) 290 x 300 x 400 mm
Weight 2.7 kg
Delivery includes CAL3 V2, spectrometer (built-in), power cord, USB cables, control software, calibration protocol

* measurement performed in the center of diffuser with standard illuminant D65

CAL3 product image
CAL3 align01 persp
CAL3 DUT positioning thumb