lg4 image

The LG4 is our upgraded standard uniform light box for transparent chart illumination.

With a uniformity of above 95%, and a compact design for easy transportation and set-up, this device is a perfect solution for test labs in need of an efficient testing device for transparent test charts.

From a more technical side, the LG4 is illuminated by 432 LEDs with a range of 100 to 65000 lx and a dim function of 32 kHz PWM. The dim function can be easily controlled by a rotary knob on the device itself. These features allow for various levels of intensity to be used during testing.

The device also has a built in USB connection for software control as well as one port each for CAN-in and CAN-out. These connections make it possible to connect multiple LG4 devices together for software control.

We also offer an LG C++ API (sold separately) that can be used to build an individual measurement environment.

The LG4 is also incorporated into the HDR lightSTUDIO. Now real scenes with high contrast can be tested.

The LG4 should be used only with transparent charts such as OECF charts. This device is not suitable for color measurements.

Principle Uniform illuminator for transparent test charts based on LED technology.
Output window rectangular output window, 290 x 220 mm
dual slot for D280 sized test charts
Light source 432 LEDs
CRI >90
Color temperature approx. 5000K  +/-5%
Uniformity > 95 % for active chart area*, 280 x 157.5 mm
> 95 % (70 mm diameter circle)*
Illumination range 100 to 65000 lx
Dim function 32 kHz PWM
Power supply 110 V / 230 V, 80 W
Ports 1x USB
1x CAN-in
1x CAN-out
Device height 470 mm
Device depth 120 mm
Device weight 7.5 kg
Service life 10000 hrs. (LEDs)
Optional device tripod

*Measured on chart plane