te270x image

OECF Chart

The TE270X chart is similar to the TE264 but now has two polarizing filters in the center of the chart. This feature is important for cameras that do not allow a manual adjustment of the exposure because the automatic exposure control (AEC) is fooled by modifying the density (transmission) of the central part of the test chart. Low-end cameras and mobile phone camera systems often do not have a manual exposure adjustment.

The gray patches on the TE270X chart are made from continuous tones and material without any raster. This design is necessary for cameras with a high pixel count that don’t have manual exposure adjustment.

TE270X version 2 (V2) uses the same data measurements as the original version, but has a different hardware design. The first version of the TE270X uses two plates of glass built around the chart film. On occasion we encountered a few problems with stray light and reflections from the glass. Version 2 replaces the glass with a metal frame, which greatly reduces the chance of stray light and reflections.

The TE270X is supported by the iQ-Analyzer-X image evaluation software.

Type transparent
Format D280
Aspect ratio 16:9

Chart sizes

The test charts are available in the sizes listed below. Please note that some charts cannot be manufactured in all sizes due to technical reasons. Please do not hesitate to ask for additional information.

During production, specific regions of test charts are measured to qualify the production process or to create individual reference data accompanying a test chart additionally. Measured regions can be color or gray tones.

The measurement devices are calibrated regularly and proven before use. You can find further information in our reference data accuracy sheet.

Reference data accuracy of our test charts

chart size


 Picture size w x h [mm]Chart size w x h x d [mm]
(+/- 2 mm)*
A1066 800 x 600 - 1245 x 835 x 3.2
A1066 - 1066 x 600 1400 x 835 x 3.2
A540 540 x 405 540 x 303.75 600 x 500 x 3.2
A460 460 x 345 460 x 258.75 600 x 500 x 3.2
A444 - 444.4 x 250 600 x 500 x 3.2
A360 360 x 270 360 x 202.5 500 x 400 x 3.2
K360 - 360 x 202.5 390 x 271 x 2.1
A280 280 x 210 280 x 157.5 365 x 305 x 3.2
K280 280 x 210 280 x 157.5 334 x 271 x 2.1
P280 May vary in size with the chart layout 334 x 271 x 2.1
K180 - 180 x 101 204 x 164 x 2.1
K160 160 x 120 - 204 x 164 x 2.1

A charts (size 280/360/460) are mounted on aluminium plates.

A charts (size 1066) are mounted on aluminum composite panels (aluminum dibond).

K charts mounted on black polystyrene plates are only available in combination with the test chart folders

P charts are mounted on black polystyrene plates.

chart sizes reflective


 Picture size w x h [mm]Chart size w x h x d [mm]
(+/- 2 mm)*
D280 280 x 210 280 x 157.5 360 x 280 x 4.6
D240 240 x 180 240 x 135 320 x 290 x 4.6
D240S 240 x 180 240 x 135 360 x 280 x 4.6
D205 205 x 153 205 x 115.3 253 x 202 x 3.5
D120 120 x 90 120 x 67.5 155 x 135 x 4.0
D35 32 x 24 - 50 x 50 x 3-4

D35 charts are either between glass plates or mounted in slide frames (glassless).
There are exceptions regarding mounting and size for special charts.

chart sizes transparent

Suitable transparent charts for the following illuminators

 D280 / D240SD240D205
  Spherical transparency illuminator LE6/LE7  
Lightbox illuminator LG3
Sony Pattern Box
DNP standard viewer Porta Pattern spherical
transparency illuminator  
With adapter      Spherical transparency
illuminator LE6/LE7
Lightbox illuminator LG3

*Chart sizes may vary by +/- 2 mm as they are handmade in house.