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Professional tripod for quick and exact camera positioning

iQ-Monopod is a moveable tripod system on rails, which enables millimeter-exact camera positioning in front of the test chart.

iQ-Monopod consists of a tripod with casters and a floor-mounted rail. This tripod system serves to exactly position a camera in proper distance to a test chart. The rails are ideally located in the middle of iQ-Chartmount so that the center of the test chart is always in the middle of the image regardless of the chosen distance. The rail length can be extended in steps of two meters.

For precise height positioning and tilt of the camera, an air-cushioned center column and fine drives are available.

Technical information

The tripod moves very smoothly and without vibrations, because of two smooth-running rolers. Two guide rollers fit securely in the rails and do not allow for play.

The advances positioning system consists of several components for easy operation:

  • An air-cushioned center column and a vertical fine driver realize the height positioning.
  • Two additional fine drivers, one in the machine direction and one at the cross machine direction, allow precise adjustment of centering and chart distance.
  • The high-quality 3-way tripod head of Manfrotto offers three additional fine drivers (rotation, front tilt, lateral tilt).

The Rail needs to be screwed to the floor and therefore provides appropriate holes.

Max./min. working height* 1450/870 mm
Max. load* 25 kg
Weight* 33.6 kg
Content of delivery iQ-Monopod
2 m rail
3-way-head (Manfrotto)
Rail length (in meters):