Tungsten illumination

tungsten system image

Hedler tungsten halogen light source system

A pair of tungsten illumination light sources (each lamp with 2000W) with softboxes, tripods and daylight filters

Tungsten halogen light with two independent switchable tungsten halogen bulbs and a very compact, short and robust metal housing. The light unit suits all digital and analog photographic fields, mainly when a high intensity continuous light is needed. The continuous spectrum makes it particularly suitable for all kinds of color measurement, where fluorescent light sources may cause problems.

AC power supply 100-250V / 50-60Hz
max. lighting output power 230-250V 2000W
max. lighting output power 110-115V 1700W
angle of light beam primary approx. 95°
angle of light beam secondary approx. 124°
ambient temperature -10°C up to +50°C
material of housing aluminium
fan cooling - automatic yes
attachment to light stand bush 5/8"
weight 2450gr per lamp
measurements 160x165x180mm per lamp (excl. softbox)