During the transition from the first version of iQ-LED products to the second version, we have upgraded many different aspects of the iQ-LED technology including the spectrometers.

The spectrometer has been upgraded from the STS spectrometer to the AvaSpec spectrometer, which includes many new and improved features. Including a wider spectral range of 350 – 860 nm and a spectral resolution of 2.4 nm.

For a limited time, we are offering a special deal to anyone still working with an STS spectrometer. When you purchase a new AvaSpec spectrometer, you can send us your old STS spectrometer and we will convert the old one into our external measuring device, the EX1, free of charge. *

The EX1 will be compatible with the new AvaSpec spectrometer and will come fully NIST traceable calibrated with a spectral range of 350 -800 nm and a spectral resolution of 6 nm. It has a protective case so that it can be easily handled.

An external measuring device gives you the option of quickly measuring the spectra of different light sources. Once measured, you can upload the spectra to the iQ-LED software and recreate the measured spectra through your iQ-LED illumination device for more accurate image quality testing.

Contact us for more details on this limited time offer.

*Must pay shipping and calibration fees