iQ solutions

Our products bundled into well-conceived starter kits and turnkey solutions

iq solutions

Often our customers want to set up a complete test lab and look for turnkey camera testing solutions. We have addressed these needs and designed starter kits as well as fully manual and fully automated solutions. All of these have in common that they are based on a modular system, out of which a solution can be generated that fits our customer’s individual needs. If something is missing, it can easily be designed and added so that we can solve almost any test requirement our customers may have.

Whichever application from automotive to surveillance, from photography to mobile imaging, from broadcasting to medical imaging, we have the right solution for your needs.
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iQ tools

Worldwide leading and practically used test equipment

iq tools

A variety of devices belong to this category including devices used to illuminate charts, test image stabilizers, mount test charts and cameras, deliver data about timing issues, and much more.

A breakthrough technology that uses a spectrally tunable LED-based light source with 20 channels was developed to illuminate test charts and scenes and to calibrate cameras. Most of the tools are controlled by a computer and can in many cases be used for automated testing.

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iQ code

High-performance analysis software for digital imaging used worldwide.

iq code

To control our devices and to analyze images of test charts we have developed specialized software. On the one hand, complete solutions with graphical user interfaces are used to efficiently analyze images including raw files and videos. The results can then be used to calibrate cameras or to optimize their performance.

For automated systems and system integration, we also have most of our software available as API (Advanced Programming Interfaces) solutions. Wherever possible, our analysis tools are based on international standards and we publish the used algorithms for all of our analysis software.

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iQ lab

Test laboratory for image quality measurement

iq lab

Testing photographic cameras were the starting point of Image Engineering’s activities in 1997. This service is still an important part of our business and we offer it to international magazines and manufacturers. A database gets filled with measurement results and can be used to compare devices. Over the years the range of products measured on a regular basis was expanded.

Image Engineering developed an exceptional expertise in testing as well as in developing test procedures for broadcast cameras, automotive cameras, surveillance cameras, cellphone cameras, printers and scanners. And we are always excited about the challenge to keep track of the technological developments and invent new measurement procedures wherever needed.

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iQ charts

Comprehensive, highly specialized assortment of more than 280 test charts

iq charts

Image Engineering produces more than 280 different test charts in various sizes for all kinds of image capture devices. Included are applications like photography, mobile imaging, video and broadcasting including HDTV, 4k and 8k, automotive imaging, surveillance, medical imaging and much more.

The charts include resolution, color, geometric structures, signal analysis and tonal ranges. Many of our charts are based on international standards, which we often help to create. Not only do we have a catalog of standard charts, we also produce custom-designed charts.

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